The Washington City Council this week approved the renewal of liquor licenses for several businesses and organizations.

Listed below are the business names, owner or manager and location.

Daily and Sunday sale of intoxicating liquor in excess of 5 percent in original package at retail:

Hummingbird Club Inc., Thomas Barbarick, 5 N. Penn St., Washington Columbian Club Inc., Darrell Brinkmann, 1121 Columbus Lane; Fas-Trip No. 102, Michelle Hoerstkamp, 919 Jefferson St., Suite C;

Fas-Trip No. 104, Michelle Hoerstkamp, 5860 Highway 100; Fas-Trip No. 107, Michelle Hoerstkamp, 4700 South Point Road, Fas-Trip No. 108, Michelle Hoerstkamp, 1980 Washington Crossing; Fischer’s Food Shop, Sharon Fischer, 307 W. Fifth St.;

Marquart’s Landing, Richard Marquart, 300 W. Front St.; Otis Campbell LLC., Richard Marquart, 216 W. Front St.; Miller’s Grill, Larry Miller, 2301 Highway A; Town ’n Country Lanes, Lance Unnerstall, 603 Alberta Lane;

John G’s, Terrance Heisler, 107/109 Main St.; Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant, Maurice Brinker, 1607 Heritage Hills Drive; N-Sports Inc., Randy Kleinheider, 3101 Recreation Drive;

Zephyr Express-Bluff Road Station, Clarence Kandlbinder, 6791 Highway 100; and Aldo’s Pizza, Cataldo Alu, 1201 Jefferson St., Suite 250;

Daily and Sunday sale of beer only:

Big Boys Grilled Subs & Wings, Michael Aiello, 919 Jefferson St.;

Daily and Sunday sale of beer only, for consumption on premise:

Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzeria, Jeff Geiser, 206 Washington Crossing; and Pizza Hut, Tom Jorgensen, 1905 E. Fifth St.;

Daily sale of beer and light wine not in excess of 14 percent by weight by drink and original package at retail:

KC Seisl Council No. 1121, Darrell Brinkmann, 1121 Columbus Lane, Blue Duck Cafe & Bakery, Karmen Rayburn, 1381 High St., Suite 111; and I.B. Nuts & Fruit Too, Barb Hillermann, 200 Elm St.;

Daily and Sunday sale in excess of five percent in original package at retail-not on premises:

Aldi Inc. No. 05, Brent Franke, 1505 Heritage Hills Drive; and Schnucks, Robert Wiegert, 2073 Washington Crossing.

Schnucks and the Fas-Trip locations also received special permits to conduct wine, malt beverages and distilled spirit tastings.