Goodwill Suggests Kate Middleton Costume

As Halloween approaches, families are looking for creative costumes and decorations. MERS Goodwill offers these top picks for Halloween 2013:

Despicable Me Minion — Dress like your favorite movie creature, while spending less.

All you need to get this look is a pair of overalls, a yellow sweatshirt, goggles and a pair of black boots and gloves to act as the yellow henchmen. Top off the look with a yellow painted face.

Pageant Princess — Be a beauty queen for a day with a long, sparkly gown, dainty heels and a fun tiara.

Abominable Snowman — Trick-or-treat like a furry creature with a white, oversized fur coat. Paint your face white and put your paws out.

Duck Dynasty — 2013 has sparked another reality show sensation. All you need to complete this look is a camouflage shirt or jacket, jeans and a beard to match Willie from Duck Dynasty. Add a fishing net to top it all off.

Kate Middleton — Dress like a royal for Halloween in a baby blue dress, some sophisticated heels, style your hair with curls and wave like a princess. Even the bundle of joy can celebrate when you pick up a white baby blanket and swaddle the prince.

Pirate — All you need to get this look is a white shirt, a dark vest, bandana, a pair of boots and some chunky costume jewelry to act as your loot.

Zombie — The Zombie trend has been pretty hip these days, so creep out fellow trick-or-treaters by wearing a tattered shirt and slacks. Paint your face a sallow shade of green, stick your arms straight out and yell, “Brains!”