Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer

Five major goals for the upcoming school year were approved by the Washington School Board Wednesday night.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer asked the board to review the goals and give her the authority to pursue them.

VanLeer cautioned that the ability to achieve the targets will hinge in part on district finances.

The first goal is to begin implementing the 21st Century Learning Plan, which the board adopted at Wednesday’s meeting.

VanLeer said she will begin communicating elements of the plan to her staff and the public over the next school year.

Another goal is to transform learning environments with technology, which includes completing the wireless infrastructure upgrade districtwide.

VanLeer said the district will launch a pilot program at Washington High School this year which will involve some class sections being provided with tablets or other electronic devices and other sections being allowed to bring in their own devices.

Additionally, a tiered professional learning program for staff in regard to the new technology will get under way and staff will be provided with laptops.

Preparations for enhanced technology at the elementary level and middle school also will begin in the upcoming school year.

A third goal is the transition to a new performance evaluation for educators, principals and the superintendent.

Administrators have already completed their training for the new program and VanLeer will go through training this fall.

The school board also will begin using a new evaluation model for the superintendent.

Revising processes, procedures and forms associated with the evaluation of support staff performance is another goal for next year.

VanLeer said she is in the process of completing an evaluation handbook for support staff, and is working on aligning the unique and common evaluation criteria to job descriptions.

A support staff supervisor workshop is planned for Aug. 14 where department goals will be established. Those goals will then be monitored throughout the year.

The fifth goal is continued internal and external outreach, advisory and strategic planning.

VanLeer said she will continue to meet with both her community and staff advisory groups this coming year, and will schedule follow-up focus group meetings as well.

She also plans to continue with facility presentations and increase the number of informal building visits next year.