Andy Zupan, M.D., practiced medicine at the Mercy Medical Building North for 10 years and was among the area’s most beloved pediatricians.

Dr. Zupan, 50, passed away Feb. 15, and has been greatly missed, Mercy Hospital Washington said.

“Patients loved Dr. Zupan, and Dr. Zupan loved his patients. He took his time with them and got to know them and the entire family. He treated them with respect and compassion, and if he could include games to distract a patient or get a patient’s attention, he did that, and the kids just loved it,” said Mercy Clinic physician Todd Craig, M.D. Dr. Craig worked with Dr. Zupan for four years at the McAuley Clinic, which serves families who cannot afford to pay for medical care on their own.

Dr. Zupan came to Mercy in Washington to serve children at the McAuley Clinic. He and his family, wife Lori and their three children, spent part of that time living in Washington. Dr. Zupan made a reputation of living the Mercy value of serving others. He was passionate about serving those in need and especially serving the most vulnerable children.

“He was a true advocate for children. He reached out to families facing hardships from poverty and drug abuse to chronic illness and social stigma,” said Michelle L. Beumer, M.D., Dr. Zupan’s partner at Riverside Pediatrics. “He offered help to kids and families who often don’t receive the help they need.”

Dr. Zupan established a pediatrics program in the emergency department at Mercy Hospital Washington, served as the chairperson for pediatrics services at the hospital and also volunteered in the community.

“He is someone so many people feel a connection to; a great colleague, a caring friend and a pillar of the community,” said Dr. Craig. “As a tribute, many people wanted to create something lasting in his memory, something that would reflect who he was as a person.”

With the blessing of Dr. Zupan’s family and their input, Mercy Hospital Washington Foundation established the Dr. Andy Zupan Memorial Fund. Committee members are Dr. Beumer, Dr. Craig, Chandra Alsop, Stacy Ayers, Dr. David Brunworth, Mark Covington, Rachel Covington, Sharon Grimes, Dr. Gregory Potts, and Sandi Hillermann-McDonald. The committee is raising money for programs, services and equipment that will enhance pediatric care at Mercy Hospital Washington and the McAuley Clinic. Its goal is to raise $100,000 to:

Provide medical and social services to the neediest pediatric patients.

Purchase an infant intubation device.

Support an educational program that will help providers better respond to the medical, social and emotional well-being of children in need.

“We’re excited to share this opportunity with everyone who cared about Dr. Zupan,” said Dr. Craig. “It’s a chance for all of us to keep his memory alive and make a difference to the kids he loved and served.”

The committee has raised $54,800. For more information, or to contribute to the Andy Zupan Memorial Fund, people may call 636-239-8882.