The Washington City Council Monday night agreed to assign an ad hoc committee to discuss and create a stormwater plan for the city.

Dan Boyce, city engineer, discussed several stormwater complaints that have been brought to the city’s attention. Boyce provided examples of the issues with maps and photos.

Curb capacity, including recessed curb and system capacity, grading, including drainage from one property to another, street flooding and erosion all were discussed.

Nearly 40 properties were listed. Boyce noted that the list was not all-inclusive and some of the issues have been resolved.

“In many cases, the property owner has been told by staff that, under the current city policy, the resolution is the responsibility of the property owner,” Boyce said in a letter to the mayor and city council.

Boyce suggested the committee create a written policy that outlines when property owners are responsible for issues and when the city is responsible for issues. The policy also could include a cost-share program for various stormwater problems and when it could be utilized.

The committee includes Jeff Mohesky, Steve Sullentrup, Greg Skornia and Joe Holtmeier.