By the time you read this, the Missouri River should be above flood stage in Downtown Washington.

And, according to National Weather Service data, it will be the 79th documented time that the river has risen to over the 20-foot flood stage at Washington.

The river was measured at 19.74 feet at 8:30 a.m. as The Weekend Missourian was being prepared for publication.

That was a rise of 0.13 of a foot in 45 minutes and a bit faster than the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service anticipated.

The Friday morning projection has the river cresting at 24.3 feet Monday, which would be the 32nd highest crest on record.

That also would be the highest crest since September 16, 2008, when a crest of 27.9 feet was reported.

Since then, the river has topped 23 feet twice, reaching 23.67 feet June 18, 2009, and 23.65 feet June 21, 2010.

This flood is the second of 2013. The river crested at 21.77 feet here April 20.

There were no floods in 2012 and five crests above 20 feet were logged in 2011.

The projection could change with heavy rain upstream and on major tributaries.

At 24.3 feet, the impact is restricted to potential road closures along Highway 94 near Matson and along Callaway Fork Road in St. Charles County. The Washington Rotary Riverfront Trail also is expected to flood. The Rennick Riverfront Park lower parking lot already has been closed.

Should the river go above 24.5 feet, Augusta Bottom Road could be impacted. Highway 94 floods between Schluersburg and Terry roads in St. Charles County at 24.7 feet.

As of 9 a.m. Friday morning, no roads in Franklin County were reported as being closed by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Upstream, the river already was over flood stage at Hermann, being recorded at 24.25 feet at 8:30 a.m. That is considered minor flooding. Flood stage in Hermann is 21 feet.

The crest projection is 28.2 feet Sunday, considered to be moderate flooding. At 25.9 feet, Highway B in Franklin County is closed. Also, the Katy Trail and Hermann Lions Club Athletic Field are expected to be closed due to the flooding.

Crests upstream from Hermann are expected to be 31.6 feet at Gasconade, 25.3 feet at Chamois and 29.8 feet at Jefferson City. All are above flood stage.

The Jefferson City prediction is just below the 30-foot major flooding level and would be the 13th-highest crest recorded there.


Rainfall Thursday pushed the May total at The Missourian office in Downtown Washington to 9.99 inches.

It’s the fourth-wettest May on record since totals were first kept in 1951. In 2000, a total of 15 inches of precipitation was measured. In 1995, a total of 11.75 inches was measured and in 2004, 11.27 inches of precipitation was recorded.

Average rainfall for May in Downtown Washington is 4.97 inches.

In May, the following readings were measured:

• May 3 — 0.78;

• May 6 (Weekend) — 2.39;

• May 10 — 0.01;

• May 20 — 0.88;

• May 21 — 3.55;

• May 27 (Weekend) — 0.27;

• May 28 — 0.80;

• May 29 — 0.80; and

• May 31 — 0.51.

So far for 2013, a total of 30.35 inches of precipitation has been logged in the gauge.

At the current rate, the yearly total is on course to be 73.36 inches. That would be second on the list of wettest years, just ahead of 2009, when 73.13 inches of precipitation was measured.

The record for wettest year was 2008 with 76.81 inches of precipitation measured.

In 2012, a total of 33.27 inches of precipitation was recorded.

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