Building in Washington is on the rise, according to Don Peters, manager of building inspections and permits.

In the first six months of 2013, the city issued 13 permits for single-family homes.

There were 35 single-family and single-family attached permits issued in all of 2012.

In the first six months of 2013, there were 422 residential certificate of occupancy permits issued by the city.

A certificate of occupancy is required each time a new tenant occupies a building.

“I really think we’re doing better in all categories in comparison to last year at this time,” Peters said. If this trend continues, it’s a good sign. Construction is definitely up.”

There was one single-family permit issued in January, two in February, four in March, one in April, two in May and three in June.

“Some areas around us are not quite as busy as what we are,” Peters said. “I feel good that people are choosing Washington to reside and build their home.”

There were 36 commercial certificates of occupancy issued through June. Some of those certificates are for new buildings, such as the retail development in Phoenix Center.

“In industrial growth, we’re doing good,” Peters said, adding that he’s excited about Melton Machine and Control Company taking over the former Harman building.

Peters said the acquisition will bring jobs and people to Washington, as well as attract more growth.

Peters attributed the growth to the quality provided in Washington, and said the Phoenix Center and the Downtown Washington area are testament to that.

“Hopefully they chose to build here because they found that Washington is a good place to live and to raise their families,” Peters said.

There were 10 commercial permits, one commercial addition and one industrial occupancy permit issued in 2012. There were 61 commercial occupancy permits issued last year.

The city implemented a new computer system in 2012, so comparisons in the first part of 2012 aren’t as detailed.

Peters pointed out that assessed valuations of properties in the first six months of the year also are outpacing 2012, primarily because of the Phoenix Center and Rhine River developments.

Assessed valuations of properties through June were set at $17,610,101, compared to $19,051,325 in all of 2012.

“I’m optimistically happy with the way construction appears to be growing,” Peters said.

The total number of permits issued in Washington has increased more than 20 percent every month since the beginning of 2013. This includes permits for additions, alterations, fire sprinkler systems, garages, signs, decks and other projects.

In January, there were a total of 86 permits issued, compared to 101 in February, 110 in March, 134 in April, 129 in May and 113 in June.

There have not been any multi family building permits issued this year, which includes more than two-family attached buildings.