Washington property owners who are displaying oversized political signs in their yards are being notified to remove them.

City Administrator Jim Briggs said letters went out Tuesday morning to three homeowners with signs on their property that violate the city’s sign regulations.

Three of the signs urge voters to vote no on the city’s annexation plan which will be on the Aug. 5 primary election ballot. A fourth is for a candidate who is running for a county office in the primary.

Briggs said it’s not about the political message on the signs, it’s about the size of the signs.

“They are violating city ordinance and they need to take them down,” he said.

City codes restrict the size of yard signs in single-family and two-family residential districts to a total of 8 square feet.

Briggs said a fourth sign against the annexation plan on Fifth Street can remain because it does not violate the size restriction for commercial property.

Smaller signs protesting annexation meet the city code and are not a problem, Briggs said.

“The city has never required a person to get a permit for political yard signs,” Briggs remarked. However, they must comply with the size restrictions in the code.

Typically, the city acts only when it receives a complaint about a violation.

Briggs said the city staff did receive complaints about the size of those signs in residential areas.

The issue was raised briefly at Monday night’s meeting of the city council administration/operations committee.

The sign regulations are in Chapter 485.060 of the city codes and can be found on the city’s website: www.ci.washington.mo.us/