June isn’t the wettest month of 2014, at least not yet.

But, if this week’s trend continues, June could become the wettest month of the year so far.

Through Friday morning, a total of 3.83 inches of precipitation had been measured in Downtown Washington for June.

It’s the third-wettest month so far. Currently, April is the wettest month of 2014 with 6.94 inches of precipitation measured. May (4.45) currently ranks second.

Since Monday morning’s reading, the weekly total was 3.21 inches.

National Weather Service precipitation analysis shows that at least an inch of rain has been measured across Franklin County over the past seven days with a swath of heavier precipitation across the northern areas near the Missouri River and a patch in the extreme southwest portion of the county.

Those areas have received at least 2.5 inches with a good portion, including Washington, New Haven, Labadie and St. Albans, receiving over 3 inches.

For the past week, here are the readings from The Missourian gauge in Downtown Washington:

• Monday, June 9 (weekend reading) — 0.65;

• Tuesday, June 10 — 0.90;

• Wednesday, June 11 — 1.40;

• Thursday, June 12 — 0.01; and

• Friday, June 13 — 0.25.

At the current rate, June would receive 8.84 inches of precipitation, slightly more than last year’s 8.2 inches.

The wettest June on record was 1955 with 16.55 inches of precipitation measured. In 1985, 10.82 inches of rain fell.

The driest June on record was 1991, when 0.72 of an inch of rain fell. In 1966, a total of 0.8 of an inch of rain was measured while the total for 1972 was 0.87 of an inch.

So far, for the year, Downtown Washington has received 19.64 inches of precipitation. That’s a pace for 43.71 inches for the year, slightly wetter than the current average (1951-2013) of 42.99 inches. That also would be in the middle of the last three years. In 2013, a total of 49.73 inches of precipitation was measured while the 2012 total was 33.27 inches.

The wettest year on record was 2008 with 76.81 inches measured. The driest year on record was 1976 with 20.22 inches of precipitation.

While it’s been a wet week, area rivers have mainly stayed within their banks.

The Missouri River in Washington crested Wednesday at 18.08 feet and started a drop. It was at 16.74 feet and falling Friday morning at 5:45 a.m. Flood stage in Washington is 20 feet.

The river did briefly breach the 21-foot flood stage in Hermann Wednesday, cresting at 21.07 feet.

There is good news, at least for Friday and Saturday. The National Weather Service predicts sunny weather with highs between 79 and 83. On Sunday, thunderstorms possibly could return to the area.