Five candidates filed Tuesday morning for Washington City Council seats that will be on the April 2, 2013, municipal election ballot.

Five seats, including a one-year unexpired term in Ward 3, will be on the ballot.

The early filers included:

Greg Skornia – Ward 3  (one-year unexpired term);

Jeffrey A. Patke – Ward 3 (two-year term);

Joe Holtmeier – Ward 4 (incumbent);

Jeff Mohesky – Ward 2 (incumbent); and

Tom Coulter -- Ward 1.

Incumbents who had not filed Tuesday morning were Walt Meyer, Ward 1, and Connie Groff, Ward 3.

Check back for updated filings and see the story in the Wednesday Missourian.

Earlier Story

Citizens who want to file as candidates may do so at the office of City Clerk Mary Trentmann on the top floor of city hall.

The deadline to file is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013.

The five council seats will be on the April 2, 2013, ballot.

Two-year terms of the following council members are set to expire in April:

Ward 1, Walt Meyer;

Ward 2, Jeff Mohesky;

Ward 3, Connie Groff; and

Ward 4 Joe Holtmeier.

In addition there will be an election for a one-year term for the Ward 3 seat held by Tim Brinker.

Brinker is resigning from the council because he was elected as the Franklin County first district commissioner in November. Brinker will begin his four-year term as commissioner Jan. 1, 2013.