The city has been awarded a federal grant to help fund a new pedestrian crossing over the Union Pacific railroad tracks at Lafayette Street.

During their meeting last Wednesday, members of the East-West Gateway Council of Governments board of directors gave final approval to the latest Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for the St. Louis metropolitan region.

The new TIP outlines projects funded with Federal Highway Administration grants for the years 2013-16.

City Engineer Dan Boyce said Monday that he received confirmation that an 80-20 Surface Transportation Program (STVP) enhancement grant had been approved for the Lafayette Pedestrian Crossing project.

The project will be designed in 2013 and constructed in 2014, Boyce said.

The total cost is $300,000. The STP grant will cover $240,000 of that total. The city’s matching amount will be $60,000.

Boyce said two 12-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the street at the railroad crossing are being proposed.

He also expects the work to include some modifications to the signal and arms at the crossing.

The city applied for an enhancement grant in 2010 to fund the project, but that application was not approved.

2013 Projects

Two projects approved in previous TIP plans are scheduled for construction in 2013.

One is the resurfacing of both 14th and Stafford streets. Stafford will be resurfaced from Front Street to 14th Street and 14th is slated for asphalt paving from Stafford to Highway 47.

The project, estimated to cost $1,352,250, also will include the addition of sidewalks along both streets.

A $1,081,800 STP grant was awarded for the project. The city’s match is $270,450.

The other project slated for next year is resurfacing of several streets including International Avenue, Rabbit Trail Drive, Wenona Drive, Lexington Lane and Washington Heights Drive.

Total cost of that project is $691,256, which includes a $553,005 STP grant and a city match of $138,251.

Last year, an STP grant helped fund the reconstruction and widening of West Front Street.

Other projects that STP grants have helped fund by year include:

• 2009 — Asphalt overlays on Eighth Street from Stafford Street to Highway 47, Clay Street from West Fifth Street to Highway 100, Grand Avenue from West Fifth Street to North Park Drive, Old Highway 100 from East Fifth Street to the bridge over Busch Creek and West Main Street from Westlink Drive to its western terminus;

• 2008 — Asphalt overlays on East Fifth Street from Highway 47 east to Highway 100 and Jefferson Street from Fifth Street to Highway 100;

• 2007 — Construction work on Duncan Avenue from Highway 47 to Patients First Drive and asphalt overlays on High Street from Front Street to Highway 100 and Third Street from High Street to Highway 47;

• 2006 — Asphalt overlay on Grand Avenue from Fifth Street to Lake Shore Drive and reconstruction work on West Fifth Street from Highway 100 to Grand Avenue;

• 2005 — Asphalt overlays on Fifth Street from Highway 47 to Grand Avenue and Ninth Street from Clay to High streets;

• 2004 — Bieker Road reconstruction; and

• 2001 — Steutermann Road reconstruction.

Bridge Grant

Construction of a new Jefferson Street bridge over Busch Creek also has been awarded EWGW replacement funding.

Construction is scheduled for 2015, according to the TIP.

That project is estimated to cost $1,370,000. The federal grant will cover $1,082,300 while the city will provide $287,700 toward the project.

The new bridge will include a pedestrian walkway, according to the TIP.