A total of 97 permits were issued by Washington’s building department during the month of January, according to a city report.

The number of permits is up by 14 compared to December.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs for those projects:

Commercial addition, two, $20,001;

Industrial addition, one, $100,000;

Residential addition, one, $7,600;

Commercial alteration, four, $82,900;

Industrial alteration, one, $10,000;

Residential alteration, seven, $132,784;

Municipal building, one, $80,000;

Commercial building, one, $50,000;

Electrical service, four, $4,400;

Fire sprinkler system, one, $3,000;

Commercial certificate of occupancy, one;

Multifamily occupancy, 21;

Single-family certificate of occupancy, 31;

Two-family certificate of occupancy, eight;

Preliminary plat, two;

Sign, four, $94,378;

Special use, one, $70,000;

Street excavation, two, $1,000; and

Sewer lateral/repair, four, $7,600.

The total valuation was $663,563 in January.

In December, there were 83 permits with a total valuation of $1,016,030.

Last month, the building department issued one permit each for demolition, street excavation, mobile home setup and commercial certificate of occupancy; two permits for industrial alteration; three for single-family buildings;

Four each for residential alterations and electrical service; seven permits for two-family certificate of occupancy; eight for commercial alterations; 22 for multifamily occupancy and 29 permits issued for Single-family certificate of occupancy.

In November there were 80 permits with a total valuation of $899,946.