Washington School District Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer will begin a weekly video message to staff starting this week.

VanLeer said the videos will allow her to share time-sensitive information with all staff, rather than doing presentations at faculty meetings which can take up to a month to complete at each of the 12 buildings.

“By the time I get to all of the schools and buildings, the news is old and there are new things to share,” she said.

“I do still plan to be in buildings for faculty meetings and walk-throughs,” she noted. “However inistead of doing a presentation that takes time away from the faculty meeting time, I am going to be there as an observer and listener.”

VanLeer said her video message of the week will be a more effective way to communicate consistently with all staff in a timely manner.

“I then can spend time answering questions and interacting with staff when I am in the buildings,” she said.