Pay Raise May Help Retain Deputies

A new teacher salary schedule for the 2014-15 school year was approved by the Washington School Board last Wednesday night.

The new schedule reflects a slight boost to the beginning teacher base pay and for those who earned master’s degrees.

Teachers will receive an average pay increase of 3.08 percent next year, said Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer.

“That’s an average, so some are below that and others are higher depending on where they fall on the salary schedule,” VanLeer noted. “We added a little to the base and incentivized the master’s degree a little more.”

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Brendan Mahon told the board that school officials met several times with the salary and benefits committee, which is made up of teacher organization representatives, to negotiate the latest salary schedule.

Data from a recently completed salary study was analyzed, he said, and goals of both sides discussed. The data included salary averages as compared to other districts in the three counties the Washington School District takes in — Franklin, Warren and St. Charles — as well as districts that make up the Cooperating School District, which includes St. Louis County.

Beginning next year, the starting pay for a new teacher with no experience and a bachelor’s degree is $35,050, up from $34,950 this past year, and $31,800 in 2010.

Mahon said percentage increases also were made between some columns on the schedule.

At the master’s degree level, the range will now be $38,636 with no experience to $62,361 with 23 years of experience. Last year, that range was $38,166 to $61,231. Four years ago, the range was $34,729 to $56,329.

At the master’s degree level, plus 30 hours, the range will now be a low of $40,201 to a high of $71,000, depending on years of experience. That’s up from $39,712 to $67,912.

Mahon said the new schedule reflects a blend of what both sides wanted. He added that negotiations went very smoothly this year.

Last year, teachers received an average pay increase of 2.4 percent.

Administrative pay raises also were approved by the board under the consent agenda. A story on those salaries will be in the Wednesday Missourian.