A Washington woman was arrested on a charge of first-degree burglary for allegedly breaking into a home and attacking a woman, police say.

Kimberly Holdmeier, 44, allegedly broke into a home on the 600 block of West Ninth Street Friday night around 10:45, Detective Sgt. Brad Erisman said.

Holdmeier made entry into the home through a garage door, police say.

The victim, Angelia Chross, 43, was sleeping when Holdmeier allegedly entered the home, Erisman said.

Holdmeier is accused of kicking and punching Chross. Holdmeier was eventually pushed out of the home by Chross’ boyfriend, Erisman said.

Another female and one or two males were with Holdmeier, but they had not been charged in the incident, Erisman said. They did not do anything while in the house, he said.

Erisman said Holdmeier may have been seeking revenge after being insulted by Chross.

Chross had “severe” bruising after the alleged attack, Erisman said.