Five Washington residents were arrested early Wednesday after blocking gas pumps at a Union store.

Union police responded to Fas-Trip on Rebel Road at 12:45 a.m. for reports that a vehicle was parked in the lot blocking access to gas pumps.

Police said three women and two men, whose ages ranged from 18-20 years old, were intoxicated in the vehicle.

Officers located drug paraphernalia above a gas pump where the vehicle was parked. There also was glass to a fire extinguisher broken at the pump.

The 19-year-old male in the vehicle said paraphernalia was his and said he broke the glass.

He was arrested and later released pending application for warrants. Charges will be sought for property damage and possession of drug paraphernalia against the 19-year-old, police said.

All of the suspects were issued citations for minor in possession of alcohol.