The Washington Parks Department is trying to locate a leak at the city’s pool.

Parks and Recreation Director Darren Dunkle informed the city council at the June 23 administration/operations meeting that the main pool at the Agnes Nolting Aquatic Complex is leaking. However, where exactly the leak is coming from is still trying to be determined.

“We do feel like we have a leak in the main pool, we’re just trying to pinpoint where it’s coming from,” he said.

Dunkle said the parks staff thinks they have narrowed down the location of the leak.

“It’s somewhere underneath the deep end,” he said.

With the target area identified, staff just need to find out what exactly the problem is. Dunkle said the thinking right now is a faulty pipe.

“There’s a pipe that runs underneath the deep end and we’re just trying to locate that,” Dunkle said.

The new leak is not related to a leak in the leisure pool that was repaired last year.

“It’s in a separate location,” Dunkle said.

Kevin Quaethem, water and wastewater superintendent, said his department can track water usage at the pool. He said because of normal day-to-day operations it’s hard to gauge just how much water the pool is losing.

“It’s pretty hard to tell,” Quaethem said.

The pool has had several leaks in its long history. Recent leaks were discovered in 2011 and 2012.

A major leak in 2004 caused the pool to lose 50,000 gallons of water in one day.