When snow-covered roads get cleared, potholes can usually be found waiting to get filled.

Fortunately for Jack Brinker, Washington street superintendent, calls about potholes haven’t been coming in following the Jan. 5 snowstorm that dumped more than 10 inches of snow on the area.

“We haven’t had any reports yet,” Brinker said. “Everything’s been good, everything’s been quiet — so far. I’m sure we’ll have them eventually because we do all the time.”

Potholes are a regular occurrence following severe winter weather, Brinker said.

“When it gets wet and it freezes and thaws, we will have potholes,” Brinker said. “That’s just the way of the wintertime.”

Despite the lack of resident complaints, Brinker is aware of some potholes on Washington streets. He said the goal is to take care of the potholes before they get worse.

“If we do have calls, we make a list and we go out and take care of (the pothole), hopefully the following day,” he said.

In addition to calls, Brinker said he also relies on trash truck drivers to report back on road conditions.

“I’ve got guys out on the streets every day, trash route guys, and they find them,” he said. “They make a list and turn it in and we go out and patch. They’re on almost every street in town every week, so that helps.”

Brinker said the main roads traditionally have more potholes, but he wouldn’t be surprised if more side streets need repairs this winter.

“I would think they would be on side streets this year, too, because of all the salt and stuff we used,” he said. “That’s just hard on the asphalt.”

Brinker said the roads appear to be holding up well this year, at least better than in years past. He said the work the city does in the summer is much more effective at maintaining the roads.

In addition to the eventual pothole repairs, city crews will also be out dealing with the last remnants of the snowstorm: cinders. Brinker said there are still a lot around town and crews will be working on cleaning them up.

Once again, Brinker praised how Washington residents responded to the recent snow.

“I’m just happy with everybody being as patient as they have been through all this snow and everything else,” he said. “They’ve been quite nice this year. We haven’t had a whole lot of complaints. Everything is going pretty good.”

Residents wishing to report potholes can call the street department at 636-390-1032.