Want it to rain?

Just schedule the Washington Town and Country Fair and the precipitation is likely to come.

A total of 2.55 inches of rain was measured in Downtown Washington for the two-day period ending Friday morning at 8 a.m.

The totals were:

• Thursday reading 1.50 inches; and

• Friday reading 1.05 inches.

The recent rainfall made a muddy mess at the fairgrounds and forced organizers to work overtime Thursday afternoon and evening to make sure the monster truck show could take place.

With that rain, the total for August now is 2.70 inches. The two-day total also was more than the entire month of July (2.40 inches).

Precipitation has been measured during four of the first eight days of August with 0.02 of an inch in the gauge Aug. 2 and 0.13 of an inch measured Aug. 5. Through eight days, August already is the fourth-wettest month of 2014.

For the year, a total of 24.98 inches has been measured as of Friday morning. Monthly measurements have been:

• January 1.78 inches;

• February 1.49 inches;

• March 1.15 inches;

• April 6.94 inches;

• May 4.45 inches;

• June 4.17 inches;

• July 2.40 inches; and

• August (so far) 2.70 inches.