Veterans Memorial Park will soon have a wireless network.

The board of aldermen in a special meeting last week voted unanimously to approve a contract with AT&T to provide internet service, which will run the sign and security cameras, as well as be used in the concession stands at the park.

City finance officer Heather Keith recommended the 10 megabyte bandwidth per month contract, with 2 megabytes set aside for public use. The contract will be $525 per month.

Charter, which also bid its service, does not offer a 10 megabyte bandwidth package.

Additionally, Charter said major construction costs would increase the city’s costs significantly. Charter’s price was $681 per month for 50 megabytes to cover the cost of the service, labor and equipment installation.

The city couldn’t get less than 50 megabytes of bandwidth per month with Charter because of the construction costs associated with the project.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said AT&T already has fiber next to the park.

Wireless internet access will be available in all parts of the park, Keith said.

Officials expressed some concern that the bandwidth wouldn’t be high enough, but Keith said both Charter and AT&T representatives thought it would be sufficient.

If the bandwidth isn’t high enough, the city has the option to double it for $625 per month through AT&T without changing the terms of the agreement.

The contract is for two years.

Security Cameras

In April, the board of aldermen approved the first phase of security camera installation with Tyco Integrated Security, a state contractor.

The camera with a 360-degree view of the park has been installed and is in use.

There has been some vandalism at the new park, with damage to the fence at the splash park, damage in the restrooms and someone setting a fire on a picnic table.