Scenic Regional Library will be getting a refund check from the city of Union.

At its Oct. 1 meeting, the Union Board of Aldermen unanimously agreed to refund some permit fees. The board agreed to provide a refund to the library.

The decision was made after a request by Scenic Regional Library Director Steven Campbell. In a letter to the board, Campbell said the library obtained permits for the construction of its new branch in May.

At the time, the library was charged $25,055.41.

Campbell said the library read an article in the Sept. 19 issue of the Union Missourian and saw the board had agreed to waive fees for the Union R-XI School District’s upcoming construction projects.

Campbell said the library learned fees were waived for East Central College in the past as well. Based on those facts, Campbell requested the library be reimbursed for the fees.

City Administrator Russell Rost pointed out the library could not be reimbursed for the total amount requested. He said a portion of that number includes sewer and water hookup fees which the city has never waived.

Keeping that money meant $22,075 was eligible for refund.

The board briefly discussed the issue, before deciding to vote in favor of the reimbursement.

“The library is a very important resource,” Alderman Karen Erwin said.

Library Project

Construction of the new Union branch and Scenic Regional Library Office started this summer.

The building will be located north of Anytime Fitness and The Pasta House off Independence Drive. A service road will be extended to the new library.

The new building will include the library, bookmobile and administration offices, which now are housed in a separate building at the Union branch site.

Campbell said the contract calls for the work to be done in 300 days. He said the library hopes to open next spring — possibly an April or May opening.

Plans call for the building to be approximately 23,000 square feet — 17,200 square feet for the Union branch and 5,800 square feet for the administrative offices and bookmobile. The current size of the library is 7,000 square feet.

Total costs are expected to be between $6 million to $6.5 million.

The new library will have 106 parking spaces, more than double at the current building. Meeting room space will triple, Campbell said.

The building also will feature new furniture and more amenities for visitors. There will be places to charge phones and tablets spread throughout the building.

Plans call for more outdoor space, a children’s area and even a place for teens. More space also means more books.