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Bids for the city of Union’s annual street work came in under budget.

The city recently sought bids for its regular asphalt overlay and chip and seal work. City staff identified a number of streets to address with funds from the 2018-19 budget

Bids were due Thursday, Aug. 2, and presented Monday night at the city’s personnel, finance and public works committee meeting. Public Works Director Harold Lampkin said the low bidder for both the overlay and chip and seal work was West Contracting Company, St. Louis.

For the overlay work, West bid $293,082.94. For the chip and seal, West bid $97,683,40.

The board of aldermen is set to approve the formal contracts for the deal at its Monday, Aug. 13, board meeting.

Pace Construction, Overland, bid $327,946.85 for the overlay work and did not submit a bid for the chip and seal. Missouri Petroleum, St. Louis, bid $99,073.97, but did not bid for the overlay.


Lampkin said the city had close to $471,000 budgeted for the two projects. Based on West’s bid, the project should be around $80,000 under budget.

With the savings, City Administrator Russell Rost said the aldermen should reopen budget discussions. Earlier this year the board cut a number of projects from its list in order to get budget numbers to work.

Rost said with the savings, the city could potentially bring some projects back into the fold.

The other option is to talk to West and add more streets to the list, he said.

Aldermen agreed and voted to reopen budget discussions to figure out the best way to spend the savings.

New Overlay

Not only was the project under budget, but Lampkin said the city is doing slightly different, and more expensive, work.

Traditionally the city has done a 2-inch overlay, but Lampkin pushed for a 3-inch overlay.

Lampkin said it creates a smoother surface and last longer.

The 2-inch overlay bid from West came in at $217,385.68.

Because the 3-inch bid also came in under budget, the city opted to go with 3-inch all around.

Project Details

Lampkin said earlier this year the goal was to start work in August and have everything wrapped up by the end of the season in October.

The city has targeted five roads for asphalt overlay/chip and seal and six for chip and seal.

The following roads are slated for asphalt overlay/chip and seal.

• East Main Street from Highway 47 and Highway 50.

• Church Street from State Street and Vondera Avenue.

• Reinhard Avenue from Main Street and State Street.

• Garfield Avenue from Locust Street and Springfield Avenue.

• Lincoln Street from Locust Street and Springfield Avenue.

The Reinhard, Garfield and Lincoln projects will include new sidewalk and curb replacement.

Lampkin said the Church Street work is the biggest project on the schedule. Work is slated to be done on 15,229 square yards of road.

The following roads have been targeted for chip and seal work.

• Ko Ko Beach Road from Clearview Road to the end of the city limits.

• Clearview Drive from Highway 50 and Clearview Drive.

• Church Street from Vondera Avenue and Independence Drive.

• Hoover Avenue from Highway 50 and Springfield Avenue.

• Rosedale Avenue from Highway 50 and Springfield Avenue.

• Autumn Hill Drive from Clark Street and Independence Drive.