Lightening the Load

A crew with Craig’s Tree Service recently worked to trim limbs from a locust tree at the Union Fairgrounds. A cabling system to add support also was installed to try and help save the tree, which was in poor condition and flagged for possible removal. Craig’s Tree Service recommended saving the tree, but also planted two other trees in case it is unsuccessful and to provide additional shade. Three other trees flagged as potentially hazardous have been removed.  Missourian Photo.

Steps to save a large locust tree near the horseshoe pit at the Union Fairgrounds have been completed.

A crew removed dead limbs from the locust tree and installed a cabling system from the two strongest branches to help those with less strength.

Parks Director Angela Sullivan said that during a tour of the parks system, she identified three large trees in poor condition that were potential hazards.

“Professionals were contacted to evaluate each of them and determine the next step,” Sullivan explained. “Craig’s Tree Service was the only bid that recommended preserving the locust tree at the fairgrounds with proper thinning, removal of dead wood and adding a cable system for added support.”

The company also donated and planted two 15- to 20-foot trees adjacent to the locust tree that will provide added shade to the area in the future.

The company will maintain the trees for three years.

“Anytime you can keep an established tree in the park system is a win in my book,” Sullivan said.

The other hazardous trees, all of which have been removed, include the tree that was in the center circle of Rotary Park; the tree at the city lake with the Eagle Scout bench under it; and a sycamore tree that was in the small dog side of the K-9 and Kiddos Park.