The city of Union is moving forward with the bridge, road and sidewalk projects on Denmark Road, Springfield Avenue and State and Clark streets

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said contracts are being prepared for Denmark Road widening, resurfacing and sidewalk construction from St. Andrews Drive to Grandview Farms Drive.

The bridge located just east of St. Andrews Drive over an unnamed tributary of the Bourbeuse River is scheduled for replacement.

The project also includes a “mini roundabout” at the St. Andrews Drive and Denmark Road intersection.

Plans are being made to place signs notifying drivers of the intersection at East Denmark Road and Highway 50. East Denmark Road is located south of Highway 50 on the eastern side of Union.

Zimmermann said that poor visibility at that intersection, combined with high speeds, driver inattention and the increase in traffic during the construction period have some officials concerned.

“When the bridge is closed to begin replacement, everyone who lives east of the bridge will have to take East Denmark Road or the I-44 service road to get to town,” he explained.

He added that while the area is improved, “unfortunately, there’s a period of inconvenience people will have to go through.”

MoDOT must approve the placement of any signs in the Highway 50 right of way.

Other Projects

Right of way approvals have been granted and final engineering drawings have been approved for the Springfield Avenue Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) and State/Clark Street Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) projects.

The State/Clark Street project will begin first, with Springfield Road sidewalks to begin in the spring of 2018.

The city received a TAP grant to finance sidewalks on Clark Avenue and on the north side of State Street from Clark Avenue to Westmoreland Avenue.

Sidewalks will be installed on the east side of Clark Street to be used by children who are dropped off at Clark-Vitt Elementary.

The TAP grant provides funding for on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving nondriver access to public transportation and enhanced mobility, community improvement activities, environmental mitigation and safe routes to school projects.

The Springfield Road TIP project includes repairing sidewalks, including removing curbs and installing ramps, as well as adding 5-foot sidewalks where there currently are none.

The sidewalk on Springfield at Oak Street also will be widened and the road will be overlaid.

The funds require a local match of 20 percent, while 80 percent of the project would be funded federally through a grant administered through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.