Union R-XI

A team of Union R-XI school district visited Topeka, Kans. this week to meet with newly hired HTK Architects, who are slated to help design a new school for the district.

The firm, which has been working in educational architecture for nearly 59 years, met with Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold, Assistant Superintendent Mike Mabe and two of the district’s main facility coordinators.

Mabe said the team discussed the firms 5.5 percent fee, bond assistance and what the next steps will be in the process of creating bond language for the April ballot.

“We’ve had a busy few weeks with our architect process,” Mabe said. “We had some productive meetings to find out what the next steps are in the process.”

Mabe said he and the team visited the type of schools that are being built and some of the work HTK has done recently. He said the work was impressive and he saw many options the district could implement.

“Whether or not the district goes forward with a new building or not, or renovates a building, there are a lot of awesome options out there,” Mabe said. “It was a very fast two days, but we saw a lot of outstanding things and had a great discussion.” 

During the visit, HTK showed the team how they go about designing their buildings and the programs they used. Weinhold said it was impressive to see how a thought can grow into a 3D rendering.

“It was amazing how we could see it developed,” Weinhold said. “We want to start with just thoughts and move ahead from there.”