Union police had a total of 5,368 traffic stops in 2018. Of those stops, only 140 ended in arrests. 

Those numbers were part of a report recently released by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. The report broke down the demographics and information gathered from traffic stops.

Arrests and Searches

Union police made 140 arrests during their traffic stops. More than half the arrests, 73 out of 140 were for outstanding warrants.

A total of 53 of the arrests were for DWI. Eight were involved in drug violations. 

Union police conducted 195 searches during the traffic stops. Of those, police were given a consent to search 84 times. Other reasons for searches were incidents leading to arrest (74 searches), drug/alcohol odor (59 searches) and plain view contraband (13 searches).

Of the total searches, 116 included a search of the driver and property; 34 were just the vehicle and the remaining 45 were searches of the driver only.

The majority of the searches, 180, lasted 15 minutes or less. Only one search was clocked in at more than 30 minutes. 


According to the report, the main reason for traffic stops last year was for a moving violation. A total of 3,184 moving violations were cited by Union police. 

Other reasons for stops included equipment violations (981) and license plate issues (1,195).

Investigations led to an additional 187 stops. 

The reason given for 72 of the traffic stops was investigative.

Police issued a citation 711 times in 2018. A vast majority of the stops, 4,720, ended in warnings.  Six had no action taken.

Union police stopped 2,912 drivers on city streets, 1,911 on a U.S. highway and 404 on a state highway. Eleven stops were made on county roads and two were made on the interstate. 


Overall, police stopped 5,368 drivers, of those, 5,188 were white; 138 were black; 28 Hispanic; five were Asian; and nine were listed as “other” in the report.

For arrests, the majority were listed as white. A total of 130 of the 140 people arrested were white. The other 10 were black.

Males made up a majority of the stops. A total of 3,022 men were stopped compared to 2,346 females.

The majority of the traffic stops, 2,051, were drivers over the age of 40; 1,879 were drivers ages 18 to 29; 1,167 were ages 30 to 39.

Drivers age 17 and under made up the smallest portion of traffic stop demographics with 271 stops.