The city planning and zoning commission voted to postpone a decision regarding a voluntary deannexation request.

The request came from Betty and Gary Wrinkle, who own 12.71 acres on Katherine Drive, north of the old industrial park on Highway A.

Gary Wrinkle, who addressed the commission Monday night, told commissioners that he can’t access sewer or water services through the city or through the Public Water Supply District No. 1 (known as Krakow Water District).

Wrinkle has owned the property since 1989 and said it was annexed into the city in 1990.

“My hands are tied,” he said.

City Administrator Russell Rost said there are sewer and water connections to the edge of his property and that he can connect to those services if he goes through the process of removing himself from the water district’s territory.

Rost noted that the city does not prohibit him from getting services from the water district if it’s available.

Commissioners wanted more time to find out what options are available, as well as if deannexation is a possibility.

City attorney Tim Melenbrink noted that if a deannexation were to occur, commissioners must make sure it doesn’t make someone else’s property noncontiguous to the city.