The city’s park advisory board will request that a new, all-inclusive playground at Veterans Memorial Park will match the existing color palette and be equipped with swings, slides and climbing or cargo nets.

Parks Director Angela Sullivan told the park board last week that designs for the third playground at the new park will be requested soon.

A list of suggestions that companies can incorporate will be included, she added.

Original park plans called for three playgrounds. So far, two have been constructed, including the Kiwanis playground at the entrance of the park and a second unnamed playground near the lake pavilion.

The final playground will be installed in the area in front of the splash pad.

Assistant City Administrator James Schmieder said requests from the city will include rubberized mulch or another clean surface material to keep from clogging the splash pad as children move from one area to another and that the equipment is ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant.

Because the city received a grant to help fund the playground, it is required to accept bids rather than use the originally proposed design. The city received a Land and Water, Conservation Fund grant in 2016 to cover 45 percent of the project, or up to $33,750 of a $75,000 playground.

Grants are open to any local government, city and county, and public schools.

The goal is to have the playground completed this fall. The playground was a part of the original park plan and is included in this year’s budget.

The park board also discussed a need for shade structures, however, the funds can only be used for equipment, Sullivan said, adding that she would seek out alternative funding for shade structures throughout Veterans Memorial Park.