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After months of negotiating, the city and the Union R-XI School District have reached an agreement on school resource officer funding.

The Union Board of Aldermen approved a new school resource officer (SRO) agreement Monday night between the city and the school district.

The revised agreement, approved by the Union School Board last month, changes the compensation for SROs. Union aldermen unanimously approved the deal.

The agreement will take effect for the 2018-19 school year.

The revised funding formula will require the school district to pay more for the SROs. In the district’s 2018-19 budget, it has allocated $313,300 for safety and security — up from the $124,100 the previous year.

Under the plan, the school district will pay 100 percent of the SRO’s salary while the officer is working for the district. When the officer is working for the city, the city will pay 100 percent.

The previous agreement had the city and school splitting the SRO cost 50/50 when an officer was working for the school.

The agreement stems for the desire of the school board to have an SRO at every building. The Union Police Department had officers assigned to Union High School, Union Middle School and Union Elementary, but no one was designated for Clark-Vitt Elementary.

The new deal is designed to save the city money so a new SRO can be hired. That way all four schools in the Union city limits would have an SRO on site.

The city proposed the formula change after seeing how other districts pay for SROs. It found other cities use the 100 percent formula as opposed to the 50/50 split.

Job Opening

With the approval, Union police are now officially seeking a patrolman to fill a SRO position.

The department sent a copy of the job posting to The Missourian Monday.

The listing points out that normally, the SRO position is filled from within the department. However, Union police are willing to make an exception for the right candidate.

Candidates must be POST certified, 21 years of age and possess a GED/high school education and have a valid Missouri drivers license.

Applicants will go through a screening process consisting of employment application, written and physical testing, background investigation, CVSA examination, oral board, psychological testing and drug testing.

The job includes a salary base of $39,312. That is broken down to $18 an hour for a 42-hour work week.

The listing points out the city is expected to receive additional funding in 2019 after the passage of Prop P so the salary could change.

At the conclusion of a probationary period there is a pay increase as well. Other benefits include overtime pay, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick leave, life insurance, free health insurance for the employee, dental insurance and a pension plan.

Uniforms, duty gear, and equipment are provided.

People interested should contact the police department for an application. An appointment should be made to return the application, as the chief or captain will interview the applicants.

The department is located at 119 S. Church St. in Union. The department’s phone number is 636-583-3700.