There were no public comments at either of two rezoning hearings Monday night.

The hearings were for a new 99-lot residential subdivision south of Highway 50 east, between Highway 47 south and Prairie Dell Road.

Developer Ed Schmelz requested to rezone 38.1 acres just south of Highway 50, off Halligan Estates, from B-2 highway business district to R-2 single-family for residential homes. Another 4.5 acres was rezoned from B-2 to R-3 multiple-family dwelling to be used for 15 duplexes for lease. Plans call for the duplexes to be located between Halligan Estates and Pro Body Works.

The subdivision will be accessible through Halligan Estates Road to Highway 50.

There is only one exit planned, but a stub exit is planned for the south side of the property for future access.

Schmelz said there is approximately 5 acres of green space between the subdivision and Le Chateau mobile home park, where a detention pond will be located.

At the planning and zoning commission meeting earlier this month, Schmelz agreed that he would install sidewalks, when sidewalks are available to connect to his property along Halligan Estates Drive, sometime in the future.

Ordinances will be presented at the next board of aldermen meeting.