Union MotoMart employee Zac Nutter had no idea when he chose a Missouri Lottery Scratcher using his lucky number that it would pay off for both him and a regular customer.

Just before Christmas, Sam Kriete, Union, was paying for some items when he asked the cashier, Nutter, to pick two Scratcher tickets for him. “I turned them facing him and told him ‘Merry Christmas,’ “ Kriete said.

One ticket ended up being a “win all,” worth $500.

Nutter said he didn’t feel right taking the money from Kriete, so he told him to keep it. But Christmas Eve, when Kriete went back to cash the ticket (there wasn’t enough cash in the drawer to cash the ticket), he gave Nutter $300 of the winning money.

“I enjoy the kid. He’s a nice kid, and he wouldn’t take it all, so I gave him $300,” Kriete said. “It made me feel great. I have no regrets.”

Nutter said he doesn’t usually play the lottery, but occasionally a customer will buy him a ticket.

The most he had ever won before was $40.

“It was right before Christmas, and it was No. 27 — my lucky number. I just thought it was ironic,” he said.

Kriete said he used the $300 to help pay bills.

“Without it, I (might not) have been able to pay for the stuff I needed,” he said. “I love my job. I love getting to know people in the community.”