Union Fireworks

Fireworks in Union July 3, 2018.

For nearly 35 minutes Tuesday night, hundreds of people at and near Veterans Memorial Park in Union were treated to a fireworks show.

The event, sponsored by the city of Union and Sons of American Legion Squadron 297, went off without a hitch.

“I feel like the event went really well,” said Union Parks and Recreation Director Angela Sullivan. “There was an amazing crowd and everyone was very well-behaved. It just seemed like people were there to have a good time.”

The display started at around 9:30 p.m. and finished just after 10 p.m.

“It went on for quite some time and it was a great display with a bunch of different types of fireworks,” Lance Mathis said.

The display was popular with the kids, too.

“They were cool,” said Noah Brussel, 6. “I liked the finale because there were lots of fireworks and they were pretty.”

This year was the second time the city has hosted fireworks at Veterans Memorial Park. Sullivan said the park was packed, but no one seemed crowded.

Sullivan said while it was a hot night, it was still comfortable.

“I don’t think the heat kept people away,” she said. “There was a really nice breeze so people really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Just about every parking spot was filled up, including street parking. Sullivan said people seemed to pick spots throughout the park to set up shop and enjoy the show.

Rick Laubinger watched the display from the bed of his truck. He said he’d gone to the shows before at the city park, but prefers Veterans Memorial Park.

“We look forward to this,” Laubinger said. “This is great. This park is just the best thing Union has built in so long. The kids have a place to play ball, people can bring their kids to the water park. This fireworks show just adds to the fun.”

His wife, Mary Laubinger, said the display was topnotch.

“We used to go Washington — why bother now?” she said.

This year, the set up featured concessions stands, food vendors, a beer garden and live music from 8 Track. Sullivan said the food was new this year and a big hit.

Food sales opened at 5:30 p.m. and started off a bit slowly. At around 7 p.m., Sullivan said people started filing in and filling up the park. She said the vendors were pleased by the turnout.

“A lot of them ran out of things, so that shows there was a good crowd,” she said.

Sullivan said she noticed children playing everywhere.

Samantha Gay came with her family and enjoyed having a place to send her kids before the fireworks started.

“They loved being able to play on the playground,” she said.

Last year some visitors had issues exiting the park. The police came up with an exit plan in order to make sure people could get out safely and quickly this year.

Sullivan said she was told by multiple people that exiting went more smoothly this year. She said there was a wait, but that was to be expected with the number of people gathered in one spot.

Sullivan thanked city staff, police, volunteers and the Sons of the American Legion for helping to put on the event.