The extension of Corporate Drive in the Union Corporate Center is complete.

The board of aldermen Monday night approved the second and final change order for that project, which opens more than 40 acres of land in the center for future development.

According to Assistant City Administrator James Schmieder, there was an increase in the final project cost based on final quantities of materials used.

However, the city is not responsible for the additional costs.

“The project came in $20,000 over the original bid we had,” Schmieder told the personnel, finance and public works committee at its meeting last week.

The Union Development Corporation, which owns and develops land in the corporate center, will cover the increase and the city will be reimbursed for the project.

The city worked with the corporation through a community development block grant, awarded based on the number of jobs to be created.

The extension is for Heat and Control, a food processing, packaging and weighing equipment manufacturer with manufacturing facilities and sales support offices worldwide.

The company acquired Spray Dynamics, St. Clair, in 2011, and has outgrown its facility there. The St. Clair operation will be moved to the Union Corporate Center when construction is complete.

Schmieder said he expects the business to be operational at the new site by the end of this year or early 2018.

The contractor for the project was KJU, Inc., Washington, and Cochran, Union, was the project engineer.

The total cost of the project was $808,510.32 after all changes. Of that, $185,000 was covered by the community development block grant.


The change order outlines eight cost changes: a reduction of $8,869.40 in excavation costs; an addition of $36,900 for material changes; an increase for an erosion control blanket of $21,707.50; a reduction of $3,900 for rock ditch checks that was not installed; a reduction of $1,245 for silt fence that was not installed; a reduction for concrete approaches of $7,917; an increase of $3,500 for additional asphalt pavement; and an increase of $7,078.12 for the asphalt index.