The personnel, finance and public works committee is recommending the city proceed with a Surface Transportation Project (STP) grant application to fund improvements on Porterford Road to North Bend.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann highlighted eligible designated routes for which funds could be used and possible projects.

The biggest project would be improvements on Porterford, which could include sidewalks, signage to warn drivers of the intersection of South Oak and Porterford, and street lighting for vehicles and pedestrians who use the road.

Zimmermann noted that currently, the majority of street lighting is provided by Ameren.

“The only way we can add street lighting on a project is if we own the streetlights,” he said. “The problem that creates is that (the public works) department maintains the streetlights and we’re limited as to what we can maintain.”

If the city chooses to add lighting with a federal project, it has to own, operate and maintain the lighting.

Streetlights could be added through a program Ameren has, which will be explored.

City Administrator Russell Rost said there is a lot of foot traffic in that area, including children.

“If the sidewalk is going to be used all the time, I think that’s where we should put them in,” Alderman David Pope said.

The stretch of road eligible is approximately 1.5 miles.

“I think it would be a great project,” Public Works Director Harold Lampkin told the committee.

Projects require a 20 percent funding match. Funding would be for the 2022-23 budget year.

STP grants are provided through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.

Grant applications are due in June this year because East-West Gateway Council of Governments is adopting a new scoring procedure, Zimmermann noted. They’re typically due in March.

Current Projects

Zimmermann outlined current STP projects scheduled and their time lines. The second phase of Denmark Road is underway and expected to be complete in June.

Springfield Road improvements are expected to begin in March and run through August 2018.

The Christina Street bridge will be replaced beginning in March 2019.

The Memorial Parkway bridge will be replaced beginning in March 2020. A bridge over Birch Creek will be constructed in 2021.