Signage noting rules and regulations at the city’s new splash pad was finalized at the October parks advisory board meeting.

The topic was tabled at the last September meeting after Mayor Mike Livengood suggested calling the city’s insurance carrier to get guidance on the age in which children require adult supervision at the park, as well as the definition of “adult.”

Park board members brought up that oftentimes, babysitters aren’t yet 18 years old, but still have supervisory responsibilities for younger children.

Parks Director Angela Sullivan said the insurance carrier did not have specific specifications for splash pads, but for skate parks, it recommends specifying that children ages 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Sullivan said she realizes the two facilities aren’t comparable, but that the age restriction guideline offers a good starting point.

Sullivan also noted that the splash pad is not staffed, so older youth won’t be questioned about their age unless they’re being disruptive.

Park board members agreed that the rule should say “Children of all ages must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.”

The double-sided sign lists 22 rules and regulations, how to activate the splash park and a phone number to report violations, maintenance concerns or for general information.

Sullivan said she will send the information to sign companies to get proofs and cost estimates.

Sullivan also will request information for signs at parks in the city that don’t currently have them and signs with addresses at the rest of the parks.

The upper Clark-Vitt Park, College Hill Park and Hoffert Park don’t have signs. The remaining parks have signs, but they don’t include addresses, which can be confusing for guests.

The signs also will let residents and guests know the parks are for public use.

The signage recommendation will be brought to the board of aldermen for final approval.