The Union Board of Aldermen agreed to waive requirements for sidewalks in front of homes in the newly-constructed 11-lot Waterbrook Meadows subdivision.

The subdivision is located off Water Tower Drive, which connects to Washington Avenue.

Mike Marcink with Maritz WT LLC told the board that nine lots have been developed and sidewalks, if they were required, won’t connect to any existing sidewalks.

“Sidewalks would connect to nowhere, literally,” he said.

The driveway of the new houses in Waterbrook Meadows will come off Water Tower Drive, which doesn’t have sidewalks.

The closest sidewalks to the development are off Washington Avenue on the east side of the street.

The estimated cost of the sidewalks is $9,000.

The homes are single-family residences to be rented out to tenants.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann noted that there’s an undeveloped lot separating the development from Washington Avenue.

Alderman Dale Schmuke brought up that there are no sidewalks throughout Water Tower Subdivision.

Albrecht said there is another sidewalk in that area, on North Delmar, that no one uses.

“I see people in the street, but no one uses the sidewalks,” he said.

The waiver was granted unanimously, 8-0.