The city of Union’s 2018-19 budget should be ready for approval at the next board of aldermen meeting.

After several weeks of review, the final draft of the spending plant was presented to the city’s personnel, finance and public works committee. Committee members offered no alterations to the document.

Finance Officer Heather Keith said the final budget should be up for a vote at the June 11 board meeting. The city’s 2018-19 fiscal year starts July 1.

The proposed spending plan does not have a balanced general fund. Last month, the board agreed to spend cash reserves in order to move forward with certain projects.

The city will be spending $246,901 in reserve funds to cover the gap between revenue and expenses.

By reserve spending the city will be able to complete an Oak and Locust Construction project ($40,000), do building renovations ($25,500), buy cemetery fencing ($25,000) and purchase Incode 10 software for the finance department ($49,022).

Reserve funds also will allow the city to purchase a new truck for the police department, do sidewalk improvements and road maintenance.

The board decided to move forward with the projects after seeing it had $779,000 uncommitted in the general fund. City officials agreed it was a good use of reserve money to push forward projects that were set for the chopping block.

The park fund balances with a revenue over expense surplus of $1. All other funds balance.

Budget Breakdown

The rough draft of the budget estimates revenues of $8,873,331 for the general fund. The bulk of the revenue, $5,746,046, is expected to come from taxes.

Expenses out of the general fund total $9,120,232. Large general fund expenses include street department ($2,506,277), incidentals ($2,799,304), police ($1,896,780) and trash services ($737,400).

Incidentals include $1,351,105 for personnel service and $485,424 for general services for the city.

For the parks fund, the city is estimating revenues of $1,581,005 against expenses totaling $1,581,004.

The biggest parks expenses are for park maintenance — the budget draft estimates the city will spend $591,987 in fiscal year 2018-19 on basic operations. Veterans Memorial Park operations will cost $372,250.