Union aldermen approved a budget of $16,579,904 in expenditures Monday night.

The budget was prepared by Financial Officer Heather Keith. It was approved with an 8-0 vote.

The 2017-18 budget cycle begins July 1.

According to Keith, the anticipated revenue is $16,323,643. The city is using a portion of fund balances from the transportation tax fund for street projects.

Total expenditures in the general fund is $9,461,298.

Below is a list of budget expenditures for each department:

Police — $1,722,577; Water — $1,119,992; Streets — $3,100,009; Wastewater — $1,572,107; and Parks — $1,873,757.

A 1.5 percent cost of living raise for city employees will be in effect next year, as well as a 1.5 percent merit raise.

Department heads will make the recommendation of employees who would receive merit raises. Not all city employees will receive merit raises. A parity study was included in the salary increase.

Major Expenditures

Major expenditures include Denmark Road Phase II, $1,292,186; and Clark and State Street pedestrian sidewalk, $251,145, which is being federally funded through a Transportation Alternative Improvement (TAP) grant.

The city’s street department has a tandem dump truck with winter equipment budgeted for $266,500, as well as a traffic light at Progress Parkway and Highway 50, $265,000.

The police department will get a new patrol car for $41,500.

The water/sewer department is in line to get a new towable generator for $64,000 and a pickup truck with a utility bed and snowplow, for $52,284.

A water relocation at St. Andrews Drive and Birch Creek also will come from the departmental budget. That is budgeted at $196,107.

Park department, city lake project, CAP grant, $347,011.

A new playground at Veterans Memorial Park, which has received a land and water grant, is budgeted for $75,000.