Union City Park

Four trees in the Union parks system have Parks Director Angela Sullivan concerned.

Sullivan said when she was doing recent park checks, she flagged the trees as possible safety concerns.

The trees and locations are: the locust tree next to the horseshoe pit at the Union Fairgrounds; the tree in the center circle of Rotary Park; a tree at the city lake with the Eagle Scout bench under it; and a sycamore tree in the small dog side of the K-9 and Kiddos park that loses branches regularly.

Sullivan said the tree at the lake is “completely dead.”

The parks director requested opinions from four companies, as well as bids for work they would recommend completing.

She received estimates from three companies, all of which were comparable.

Recommends Saving

One company, Craig’s Tree Service, Union, recommended saving the tree near the fairgrounds and offered to donate two 10- to 12-foot trees to be placed at the fairgrounds, as well as care and maintenance for those trees for three years.

“In the event that down the road saving the tree doesn’t work, we will have established trees within the fairgrounds,” Sullivan said.

The plan would be to remove dead limbs from the locust tree and install a cabling system from the two strongest branches to help those with less strength.

The cabling system is completely in the air, with nothing on the ground, Sullivan noted.

“It’s worth the effort in saving that tree. It’s the only one there,” City Administrator Russell Rost said.

Rost requested that city staff review the trees and see if any could be removed in-house by the street department.

The park advisory board recommended moving forward with Craig’s Tree Service pending review by the city staff.

The recommendation will go to the board of aldermen for final approval.

Karen B.

UNW Tree removal