Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft recently announced that Scenic Regional Library received a technology mini-grant of $4,969 through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

“Libraries are integral to our communities, acting as hubs of knowledge and resources for Missourians,” Ashcroft said. “It’s important for libraries to have up-to-date technology to ensure patrons can best access and interact with that information. These grants help our state’s libraries get the technology they need to best serve their patrons.”

The library will contribute $1,849 in matching funds.

Denise Edwards, the library’s IT manager, submitted the successful grant application.

Scenic Regional Library will use the grant to replace a server that is near its end of life.

Additionally, the library will purchase server software and licenses, a battery backup and seven external hard drives.

The server is primarily used to store or back up all staff files systemwide, including the library’s financials.

The library’s existing server was purchased in 2012, also with an LSTA Technology mini-grant, and operates with Microsoft Server 2008 Professional.

The new server will operate Microsoft Server 2016.

The new server also will provide 6.0 terabytes (TB) of data storage compared to the 1.4 TB available on the previous server.

The library has a computer replacement plan which requires the replacement of all staff and public computers after five years.

Replacement of the server will provide an up-to-date and more stable networking environment and reduce the number of interruptions to the technology-based services provided to the public.

Technology mini-grants provide funding for eligible libraries to replace older equipment or purchase new equipment to improve library services.

This equipment includes technology- and automation-related equipment, hardware and software, which are used to improve the library’s network infrastructure.

Steve Campbell, library director, said the library applies for LSTA grants for technology upgrades every year in an effort to stretch taxpayer dollars.

“They’re a great source of supplemental revenue for the library,” he said. “We really hope they don’t cut or eliminate federal IMLS funding, which has been proposed, because that’s where all these grant funds come from.”

The Missouri State Library has approved a total of 19 grant applications for the 2018 fiscal year, totaling $148,978 in federal awards that the secretary’s office has distributed to libraries throughout Missouri.

The grants are funded by the Library Services and Technology Act through the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.