Work on the Denmark Road roundabout will continue this week with a busy schedule.

Union City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said crews are making progress on the roundabout and are nearing the finish line. Work won’t end this week, but the project’s end is in sight.

The actual roundabout is finished. Crews are working on the splitter island on south St. Andrews Drive and rebuilding the road on the western portion of Denmark Road.

That work is expected to take place this week, weather permitting.

“They are going to pour the plain concrete sections of the splitter islands (Tuesday),” he said. “Then they’re going to come in Wednesday or Thursday and do the pour for the stamp colored concrete. Once the stamp color is done, it’s just pouring the pavement and that’s probably a one-day job.”

Zimmermann said some sidewalk construction also is needed.

“About half of the sidewalk is done, so we have about half to go,” he said. “Sidewalk work moves quickly. It’s probably about a one-day job.”

Zimmermann did not give an estimate of when the project might be finished. He said last week at the city’s personnel, finance and public works committee meeting he had given up predicting when the project would be complete.

The project has gone on longer than was originally expected. Zimmermann said the roundabout work has been plagued by weather issues.

When rain is in the forecast, crews can’t work. When the temperatures soar, workers slow down to avoid overheating. The number of hot and rainy days has added days to the project.

New Roundabout

Zimmermann said he’s received some questions about the roundabout — namely the size.

The center island is noticeably big. That’s by design, he said.

“The reason is to accommodate all traffic. A moving truck, for example, some of them are semis. We still have to get that through that intersection and to be able to make the turns.”

Project Background

KJU Inc., Washington, crews have been working on the project for several months. The improvements include a bridge replacement, new roundabout, lane widening, resurfacing and sidewalk construction from St. Andrews Drive to Grandview Farms Drive.

The bridge, located just east of St. Andrews Drive over an unnamed tributary of the Bourbeuse River, opened in mid-June. Work started on the roundabout in early May.

The roundabout is designed to address a speeding issue. The roundabout is intended to “calm” traffic at that location, according to Zimmermann.

Work on the bridge began in December when the city closed down Denmark Road.

The project cost is $1.6 million. The improvements are part of the 2014-17 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) approved by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments in 2015.

This is the second phase of the Denmark Road project. The first phase was completed in 2014 and included new lanes and shoulders from Prairie Dell Road to just east of St. Andrews Drive. Sidewalks also were installed along that stretch of the road.