Police Train at UMS

These Union police officers were part of a training at Union Middle School to reduce the time to respond to an active shooter threat, as well as how to respond immediately following a shooting incident. Pictured, from left, are officers Jim Wells, Charlie Raymond and Rod Tappe. Missourian Photo/Gregg Jones.

The Union Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Department honed their training for active shooter and intruder situations in the Union School District this week.

Training was held Tuesday and Thursday at Union Middle School.

“The goal is to shorten our response time, because in these situations every second counts,” said Officer Kevin Anderson, school resource officer. “First we need to stop the threat, then quickly respond to the victims and aid students.”

Practicing on the school grounds is an important part of training, Anderson said. Officers use the school grounds when school is not in session and they can practice safely.

Officers take part in training two to three times per year.

In the past, multi-jurisdictional training has been held at East Central College and at the high school.

“Police conditioning training is held in all schools,” Anderson said. “Safety is our highest priority in the Union School District.”

Anderson said the Union Police Department, fire department, emergency medical service, sheriff’s department and all other departments must continue to work together.

“It’s all in an effort to keep our kids safe,” he said.