The city of Union’s park advisory board is a seeking new member.

The 12-person board has an opening and has been unable to have formal meetings in recent months. For the second straight meeting, the board didn’t have a quorum for its June meeting.

Seven members are needed to have an official meeting.

Parks members and Mayor Mike Livengood discussed the need for a full board Thursday, June 28. With an opening and people taking summer vacations, the board agreed it was hard to get a quorum.

Michelle Rohan was recently appointed to the board and was at Thursday’s meeting, but the board still is seeking another member.

Livengood said the person doesn’t need to be a city resident. He said people who use the city’s park system should be allowed to have a say in things since the group is just an advisory board.

Livengood said if he couldn’t find someone, he’d consider shrinking the board down from 12 to 10 people. The board has been 10 people in the past, but he felt more voices was a better idea.

However, if getting a quorum was going to be a problem, he said he’d consider lowering the number. A 10-person board would only require six members for a quorum.

Board member Suzy Curnutte said the opening is perfect for anyone who wants something to do with the parks department. She said the board does a lot of volunteer work for the city.

“Get involved and roll your sleeves up,” she said. “It’s not digging ditches, but it’s handing out hot dogs.”

The board is an advisory board, which means it makes recommendations to the board of aldermen regarding the park.

Board members also participate in planning and volunteering for parks activities such as Founders Day, the Easter egg hunt, Halloween bash and other events.

The positions are appointed by the mayor and are three years in length. In addition to the 12 members, there is one board member liaison.

The board meets the fourth Thursday of each month, at 6 p.m. Most meetings are held in the lower level of City Hall, 500 E. Locust St.

Anyone interested in serving on the park advisory board may contact Angela Sullivan, parks director, at 636-583-8471.