This year the rain waited until the end of Founders Day activities.

Union Parks and Recreation Director Angela Sullivan called the 40th annual Founders Day celebration a success. A large number of people turned out to the city park in Union Saturday for the event.

“It went really well,” Sullivan said. 

This year’s event was Sullivan’s second as the parks director. Her first year was dampened somewhat by a mid-morning storm had scared away visitors and upped the humidity at the park.

This year was different.

“The weather was very nice and pleasant,” she said.

The evening was cut short a little early because of storms, but organizers were able to get the majority of events in, including a fireworks display donated by J&M Displays.

“The fireworks went off without a hitch,” she said. “It was a nice addition to the event.”

Sullivan said it seemed like more people attended the event this year. She didn’t have the raw numbers, but did know the Splash-N-Swiplex was busier than it was last year.

During Founders Day, the city offers $1 entry to the pool. Last year the pool never reached capacity, something it did multiple times on Saturday.

Sullivan said a total of 590 people visited the pool at some point during Founders Day.

This year featured a few new elements. The parks department attempted to host a barbecue contest.

Sullivan said the number of entrants was small, but the teams had fun. She said the event was a learning experience, but one she considers a success.

Other new features included selling wine in the beer garden and adding a credit card machine. Sullivan said organizers nearly sold out of wine.

One unplanned addition was the showing of the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup game. Sullivan said the game was streamed at the beer garden and drew quite a few spectators.

Sullivan also highlighted the food trucks and craft sales as being positive parts to the event.

All in all, Sullivan said she was pleased by the 2019 version of Founders Day. 

“It was a great time,” she said. “It was a great atmosphere where you had families, couples, people that came solo to meet up with people — everyone came out and had a good time.”