Union aldermen made a downtown intersection a four-way stop Monday, but not all officials agreed.

The board approved the ordinance 5-3 making a permanent four-way stop at Church and State streets.

Aldermen Paul Arand, Karen Erwin and Bob Schmuke voted against the ordinance.

Aldermen Dale Schmuke, Jim Albrecht, Vicki Jo Hooper, David Pope and Dustin Bailey voted for the ordinance.

Earlier this month, the city’s personnel, finance and public works committee Monday recommended the stop sign be made permanent.

City Administrator Russell Rost Monday night read a statement from Union resident Charles Jackson who had written a letter to state that the sign is unnecessary.

In late September there was a four-way stop sign installed at Church Street and East State Street for a 90-day probationary period, which comes to an end this month.

Prior to Sept. 23, there were stop signs for traffic on eastbound and westbound State Street only.

The stop signs were added after representatives from Oltmann Funeral Home approached Union aldermen requesting the sign to slow traffic in front of the business. The funeral home is located just south of the intersection.

City Administrator Russell Rost has said when the signs were first installed many motorists ran the stop signs while driving on Church Street. However, police have monitored the intersection and there are few if any drivers who drive through the intersection without stopping now.

Rost added that pedestrians walking to the funeral home do not cross at the intersection.

Police Chief Norman Brune said the intersection has never had many car crashes.

Brune said the traffic has slowed in front of the funeral home since there has been a four-way stop.

Arand has stated that the stop sign would stop the “free flow of traffic.” Erwin has said that she is concerned about safety during winter conditions.

State Street Residents

Earlier this month, John Morris, a State Street resident, said he travels through the intersection two to three times daily. He asked that the stop sign remain at the intersection.

In August, several East State Street residents spoke in favor of the four-way stop.

One resident said she has to “ease” her vehicle into the roadway before turning onto Church Street.

She added that the future site of Frick’s Market, located at Central Avenue and Church Street, will create more traffic all along Church Street.

Other area residents also spoke in favor of the four-way stop.