Noggin Fest

The Noggins are coming.

At least, that’s the goal for Eileen Wade. The Artzy Walls co-owner is hoping the papier-mâché creations will be spread around Union this fall.

Artzy Wallz art studio/store is sponsoring its the inaugural Noggin Fest to raise funds for ABiLITY. The Noggins are heads made out of papier-mâché.

The Noggins have been created by ABiLITY clients and local artists.

“Most of them have been made by ABiLITY under our guidance,” she said. “They cranked them out fast. We weren’t sure — we didn’t know the skill level until we got to working with them. We were like, ‘Oh, this is going to easier and faster than we thought.’ ”

Wade said so many ABiLITY clients come to her studio and worked on the heads, she got an idea.

For years the city of Eureka has hosted a scarecrow festival. Local businesses place scarecrows in front of their businesses.

Inspired by the idea, Wade said she hopes Noggin Fest becomes a trend in Union.

The Noggins can be purchased for display. The idea is to have them for viewing in the month of October.

“We probably have 30 heads we’ve made,” Wade said. “Now we just need 30 homes.”

Wade said if all goes according to plan, she wants to have a scavenger hunt around Halloween for people to find the heads around Union.

Registration for a Noggin is $25. Businesses can rent a Noggin for $75.

For $125, Wade said businesses can rent a “custom” Noggin. The one-of-a-kind creation will be personalized to specifications.

A body for the head can be created for an additional $75. A number of Noggins are on display at the Locust and Oak coffee shop.

All the proceeds will be donated to ABiLITY.

“When I looked at Eureka, I found out they do it as a fundraiser,” she said. “Right away I was like, ‘I know exactly who want to do this fundraiser for and that would be ABiLITY.’ We have so many of their clients already come and we want more of their clients to be able to come here.”

Wade said Hall Brothers has donated a product to coat the Noggins so they can survive outside.

For further details, contact Wade at 636-584-3479 or stop in Artzy Wallz.