A meeting that started a week prior is scheduled to end Monday night.

The Union Board of Aldermen are slated to return from a lengthy recess Monday, April 15, at 6 p.m. The meeting will conclude the board’s regular monthly meeting that began April 8.

The meeting was paused because the results from the April 2 municipal election weren’t certified. The original agenda for April 8 called for the board to confirm the election results and subsequently swear in the new elected officials.

The city was informed by the Franklin County Clerk’s office three hours before the meeting that the results weren’t yet official. That news caused a problem for the city.

Union ordinance states that election results are to be confirmed by the board of aldermen, and elected officials sworn in at the first aldermen meeting following the election. According to city code, the board is scheduled to meet the second Monday of every month.

The county has up to two weeks to certify the results following the election. City Administrator Russell Rost told The Missourian the city normally hasn’t had a problem getting the election results ready for the meeting less than a week after the election.

Rost said the issue was likely a failure to communicate the city’s unique circumstances with new County Clerk Tim Baker who was elected last November.

In order to get the new officials sworn in as quick as possible, the city opted to start its regularly scheduled meeting Monday night and then adjourn into a long recess. That way the meeting technically hasn’t ended and can be restarted once the election results are certified.

The county certified the votes this week meaning incumbents A. David Arand, municipal judge; Bob Marquart, Ward 2; Dennis Soetebier, Ward 3; Karen Erwin, Ward 4; and newcomers Rod Tappe, mayor; and Brian Pickard, Ward 1; can take the oath of office and be sworn in.

Once the swearing in process is finished, the rest of the meeting will go on as scheduled. Aldermen are scheduled to vote on a contract with the Washington-based internet service provider Aironet.

The deal will allow Aironet access to city water towers. In exchange, the city will receive payment from the company based on how many customers use the provider.

Aironet has promised it has the ability to provide internet service to parts of the Union area that have limited options. The company will place equipment on some city water towers that will broadcast a signal that can be picked up by homes and businesses in the area of the tower.

The board also is scheduled to get an update on the city hall project. A report on a nuisance property also will be discussed.

Two items relating to the Union R-XI School District also are on the agenda. The city is expected to approve a road name and award a permit for an electronic sign. Both ordinances are related to the district’s construction of a new elementary school between Prairie Dell Road and Progress Parkway.

Monday’s meeting will be the only one for the board. The board’s parks, building, development and public service committee meeting, which is normally scheduled on the third Monday of the month, has been canceled because of a lack of agenda items.