There soon will be additional detour signs to redirect truck traffic away from CC Camp Road during Independence Drive construction.

Tractor-trailers have been driven down that road to avoid the closed off Independence Drive and Washington Avenue intersection.

“People are concerned and there are a lot of children on that road,” Alderman Bob Schmuke told members of the city’s personnel, finance and public works committee Monday.

There will be larger, orange detour signs installed on routes leading to the industrial park, including Highway A and Highway 47.

Truck traffic traveling south on Highway A is detoured onto Highway BB to Highway 50, and then east to Independence Drive. Traffic from Highway 47 is detoured to Highway 50, and then west to Independence Drive.

Police Chief Norman Brune said the signs along Highway 47 and Highway A are not easily spotted by drivers because they are small and white.

Once truck drivers get to street closure signs it is too late to turn around.

“They have already committed,” Brune said. “Getting this signage will make it pretty darn clear.”

City Administrator Russell Rost said many of the drivers are using GPS to get to the industrial park.

“There is a lot of reliance on GPS and that is sending them on roads they can’t get through on,” he said.

Brune added that police are stopping trucks on CC Camp Road.

“They are handing them maps and explaining exactly what is going on, the route to get out and where they need to go,” he said.

Intersection Work

Work began Tuesday, June 25, to construct the new roundabout to replace the signalized intersection.

The intersection is scheduled to be closed for 60 days, but the contractor has said the work will not take that long to complete, according to City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann.

In February, aldermen approved the $981,187 bid by Jokerst Paving and Contracting, Festus, for the street work. The estimated cost was more than $1,073,000.

The scope of work includes resurfacing, and installation of new curb and gutter from Highway 50 to Highway 47.

The traffic light at the intersection has alternated between both a flashing four-way lighted intersection and a timed light intersection several times during the past four years.

The light was changed to a four-way stop during only evening and night hours in April 2008, and then later to a four-way stop 24 hours a day.

Some residents have complained that the four-way stop is unsafe and confusing.

City officials have said roundabouts are safer and less costly to maintain than a lighted intersection.

At roundabouts, vehicles travel counterclockwise around a raised center island, with entering traffic yielding the right of way to circulating traffic. Once there is a gap in traffic, drivers enter the circle and proceed to their exit. If there is no traffic in the roundabout they enter without yielding.

Roundabout intersections are “pedestrian friendly” and cheaper than a signalized intersection, officials have said.