The Union R-XI School District picked possible names for the new road leading to its new elementary school.

As part of the project, a road is being constructed to connect Progress Parkway to Prairie Dell Road. Because the district is building the road, it gets to come up with the name.

At its regular January meeting the school board asked for input from staff to select a new name. A number of suggestions were sent to Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Mabe.

Mabe provided the list to the board during Wednesday’s special meeting. The board reviewed the selections and settled on a theme.

All the board members favored the inclusion of “Wildcat” in the road name. Names tossed around included Wildcat Way, Wildcat Pride Drive, Little Wildcat Drive and Little Wildcat Way.

During the discussion, board members began leaning toward something that included Little Wildcat. The idea was to keep the Wildcat, but distinguish it from the Wildcat Drive at the high school.

Board member Matt Borgmann suggested Little Wildcat Parkway. He joked the Parkway sounded “classier” but it also worked well with Progress Parkway nearby. That way, he said it should help provide people an idea where the school is located.

Other board members agreed and supported Little Wildcat Parkway as the top choice for the road name. While they were confident there is no other road in the county with that name, the board picked a second  and third choice of Wildcat Way and of Little Wildcat Way. 

The selections will be sent off  to Franklin County for review. If the county approves of any, or all of the suggestions, the board will then get to vote to formally name the road.

Planning and Zoning

The district presented its proposal for the road to the city at Monday’s planning and zoning commission meeting.

A preliminary plat was submitted for review by the city’s plan board. The district proposed street was listed as being 28 feet. The city requires 33 feet.

Despite this, the plan board signed off on the plat. Union Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold called the board’s decision good news for the district.

Weinhold said a smaller road will allow for fewer materials and reduce cost. He said the width is still safe and the road will have sidewalks.