For the second time in as many months, Union police have a pizza-related fraud case.

Officers responded to Domino’s Pizza Sunday, May 13, at 2 p.m. for a report of fraudulent use of a credit card device.

Authorities said someone illegally used a credit card to purchase pizza. The card owner lives in Utah and told officers the suspects stole their information.

The card owner said the suspect did not have permission to purchase the pizza.

Domino’s staff told police where the pizza was delivered. Officers contacted the recipient of the pizza.

A woman told officers she had met someone on an online dating site. The woman said the man she was chatting with sent her pizza.

Police got the name of the suspect from the woman, but found out it was a fake name.

The investigation is ongoing.

Previous Pizza Case

In late March, Union police become involved in an investigation into a possible international scam that used stolen credit cards to move merchandise throughout the United States.

Union Police Chief Norman Brune said officers were contacted March 20 by a man in Chicago, Ill., who reported that his credit card was used at Domino’s Pizza in Union.

The man told police that $147.63 was charged to his account for an order he didn’t make and was scheduled to be delivered to a home in Union.

Officers met with the Laura Court resident who was delivered the pizzas, and police learned that he was part of a larger scam.

The 56-year-old man said that he met a woman who lives in Africa on a messaging site called “Hangout” two years ago.

She put the Union man in touch with another man who reportedly lives in Arkansas, who the Union man “helps out” from time to time, Union police said.

In exchange for his help, the Arkansas man occasionally has pizzas delivered to the Union man’s home.

The Union man explained that he has items shipped to his home. Then, the Arkansas man will then notify him where the items should be shipped.

Various items were shipped to people throughout the country. Sometimes the items were picked up at the Union man’s home, he told police.

The Union man said he has delivered cars, clothing and other miscellaneous items.

Police said the entire operation was a scam using stolen credit cards.